Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Coffeehouse: Filters 101

Here are some tips about coffee filters. I don't think it's any secret now that I'm a big fan of Heloise, so I must give credit to her where many of these ideas came from! Others were just collected here and there from the web.

First think outside the coffeemaker and use filters for the following:

  • Cover a bowl or dish in the microwave
  • Clean windows and mirrors without any streaks!
  • Place filters between nice serving dishes or plates in order to prevent scratches and chips. This is also a good idea when you stack non-stick cookware
  • When serving tacos to children, put the taco in the filter before handing it to the child for less mess. This works well for sandwiches and burgers too... especially if your children eat on the go.
  • Use as a potpouri sachet by tying it with string or use tape. (So the ends stick up like an onion. Or fill with baking soda, tape it closed and toss it in your laundry (or diaper) bin to help keep it odor free. Just replace the sachet every few weeks or as needed.
  • You can use a coffee filter to diffuse the flash of your camera when taking pictures.
  • Coffee filters can help protect your cast iron skillet if you place one in there to prevent rust!
  • Strain wine from a bottle with a broken cork.
  • Use as any kind of disposable bowl. They are great sizes for kid-servings of popcorn/crackers etc.
  • Filters are light so they make good little containers when you need to weigh household foods.
  • Use as a makeshift tea-bag if you use loose leaves. Simply tie with a string.
  • If you don't want the soil to crumble out of your small house plants, just place a filter at the bottom before repotting!
  • Slide filters over a popsicle stick to help keep stickiness in check!
  • You can use filters when mixing dry baking ingredients or cinnamon/sugar to cut down on your dish load and save other bowls being used.
  • Drain bacon or frying grease through a filter to remove food particles if you want to save the grease.
  • If you have a potty chair cup, you can line it with a filter for easy clean-up.

Do you ever buy the special one-cup cone filters? You can save money by purchasing the regular filters: simply fold it in half twice and open one side... you have a cone!

If you want to simplify your coffee-making process you can make your own filter packs instead of buying them. Place your filter in a large margarine tub or tupperware, measure out your coffee, add another filter and continue the "layers" until the container is full. Seal tightly and enjoy fresh, easy coffee each whenever you need it! This is especially helpful if you grind your own beans but dislike that noise in the morning...

If you have problems separating filters, just turn each layer inside out!

There you have it, congratulations on graduating from Coffee Filtering 101!

Ellie: Oak Harbor, WA


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