Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A warning from Mr. Pio

Hi y'all I'm online for a sec and I thought I'd share a story my mom told me. She heard it from a talk by Fr. Corapi- a great priest who before his conversion was living the LA drugs sex and rock and roll life, now tours the country sharing about his life and giving talks at major conferences.
So the story goes like this...

Saint Padre Pio was hearing confession and a woman walked in to his confessional. He right away started yelling at her, saying "You are a criminal! Get out of here you criminal! Leave right now, you are a criminal!" The woman left in tears and understandably was very upset. After pulling herself together she mustered up the courage to go face Padre Pio saying "You can't treat me like that! I am not a criminal, what are you talking about?" And Padre Pio answered "Yes you are... three of your children are burning in hell as we speak because you were too permissive."

Something to think about... the gravity our position as mothers and how the devil is after our children. We must always be on guard!

Hope writes from Southern Cal


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