Saturday, June 17, 2006

Taking the Little Road

"Life goes on it's way. Factually, it's a really nitty-gritty affair-repetitious and monotonous. Say you care for children: you change diapers, dress babies, put them to bed, feed them and entertain them as best you can, day after day. It gets monotonous, doesn't it? Even the President finds, in peacetime, a certain monotony to his job:sign papers, meet with Congress, be here at this time, be there at that time. From manual labor to the presidency, monotony can be the path to doubts.

When we are young, we dream dreams; we're going to change the world-do this or that. But the years go by and we become bookkeepers or salesclerks. Our jobs are monotonous and we're assailed by all kinds of thoughts. Yes, the nitty-gritty
daily life is the widest road to doubts.

God has given us a small path to follow Him, not a wide road. But we take that wide road! Yet if we get off it, and take the small path, we will know that this little path is holy. Now we will catch the smile of a child in both hands and hug it to our heart. The nitty-gritty days full of doubts will vanish and we will walk barefoot down the little path as pilgrims do. Flowers and trees will grow alongside it and we shall understand this is the path God made, and there is nothing nitty-gritty about it! Everything will be exciting, because we are in love with God. And to be in love with God is the most exciting thing in the world."

-Catherine Doherty, from Doubts, Loneliness and Rejection

You can view Catherine's books at Madonna House Publications.


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