Monday, July 09, 2007

Rem actam agis.

After more than a year of investing in our labor of love here, the time has come to really dive into motherhood. We want to be centered completely around the hearth, giving fully to our families. It has been a real joy to share with you all our insights, views and thoughts over this past year. We feel that our message has been put out there: find holiness in the ordinary, love your path to sanctification, embrace your vocation . Now we don't want to simply rehash what we feel are thoughtful and valuable posts, so we are surrending this little apostolate in realization that "all good things must come to an end." We hope it's clear to our readers that LIVING our message is more important than blogging it, so we are encouraging our readers to also really dig into their own vocations. It's important to find encouragement in your own lives and not necessarily on the computer screen. Holiness is found in the shadows of the cross and Sia, Ellie and Hope are all striving to get into those shadows. Holiness is also found through learning to pray as you work, through offering to God the daily work of your mind, heart and hands. We thank you for the outlet to express our views and we are keeping an index up of our posts that have helped shape how we mother our own children. Hopefully they can serve as encouragement to you if you are having a bad day or need an idea on something specific. It's been a tremendous joy for us to receive all the e-mails expressing gratitude and encouragement. So it's a bittersweet farewell that we bid here. However, we feel that our own lives will be made richer by this choice to not be online as much.

For thousands of years women have had to choose the quiet road: the same road chosen by Our Lady of Nazareth. You are not alone. It's not a road that's publicized or aggrandized by our world. It's simple, demanding and filled with sorrows that ultimately serve to complete our joy. But you have been handpicked by Christ. He finds you worthy for this vocation and He trusts you even when you don't trust yourself. The sanctification is real. We wish you all the best.

Happy Mothering!!!

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