Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To all you mothers who have long desired this vocation

I recently came across an old letter I had written to a friend (Apparently I never sent it!). It was written in the summer of 2004 before my husband and I were married in the fall. In it I expressed a deep peace and a deep joy in my life; that visions I had always had of my life were still beautiful images, but coming closer to becoming real. In my daydreams I would envision little naked babies outside in the sun, in water... laundry on clotheslines, pots of tea and good books, music, little feet and little voices... someone to love and to give my heart to every day. -Sounds corny, but it's all I truly ever wanted. And here I am, amidst that very life I envisioned for so long. Here I am, and the life is, indeed, beautiful! I came across this letter after a rather hectic day. -You know,m one of those days when you are up to your neck in diapers, laundry, tantrums, etc. On top of it all we are potty training our almost-2-yr.-old and so there are little puddles of pee throughout the house where he decided to just go on the floor instead of the potty. (Oh, the challenges of keeping a house fresh and sweet-smelling with a toddler in the house!)

I was so grateful for coming across this letter because it helped me to be grateful for the life I am living. For so long I desired it; now, here I am. May I every day remember the blessing I have been given of children and a husband to love and to to serve; for housework and trials... all which are my little paths to sanctity.


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