Saturday, June 16, 2007

create your cenacle

So often I hear stay-at-home mothers talk in breaths of exhaustion about how they are longing for adult interaction. It's too bad really. Of course we are social creatures and getting together with friends every now and again is fine and healthy. But this longing to get out of the home sometimes stems from an unhealthy attitude with which we see 'home' in the first place. The home can be a prison cell if your mind isn't properly disposed to accepting and LOVING the vocation Christ has handpicked for us. Conversely, the home can also be a beautiful refuge to cultivate a unique, quiet path to sanctity if you are in the state of grace to accept and cherish the thorns.

These words come from St. Peter Julian Eymard, on the obligations of mothers:

She ought to love her home. In order to be happy in her home, a mother must look upon it as another Nazareth; she must delight in it, and love the solitude and seclusion of it which keeps the world's scandals at a distance and shelters her from its dangers; she ought to transform it into a cenacle of prayer and grace.

She must serve her family. Once penetrated with a deep esteem and love for her state, a mother must feel a strong impulse to serve her family. This service will become for her the form of her life, the substance and center of her virtues, the rule of piety set by God for her sanctification.

... a continuous act of self-denial.

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