Thursday, May 24, 2007

Suburban housewives have a woman after their own heart

I sometimes think the saints had it easy in a way... some of their choices were so crystal clear. I always think that I'd certainly proclaim Jesus Christ as my Savior if faced with imminent death by a firing squad. Martyrdom gives you the black and white choice of Life vs. cowardly betrayal. Seems easy huh? Then while I envision myself on my heavenly cloud ascending brilliantly to heaven for my brave choice, I have another thought: I'd give my life for the name of Jesus... but would I jump into a pit of teeming poisonous spiders for Him? Would I tend to the wounds of an HIV infected person for Him? Would I do simple, annoying things for His glory and without a second thought? So often I do not... I waste my Cross.

Suddenly, I'm scrambling for a parachute as God backhands me off my cloud of glory.

Today is the anniversary of Blessed Mother Teresa's final profession as a Loretto sister. Here is a lovely piece my friend sent to me that really speaks to our own hearts. I especially pondered this thought:

"Sometimes it would be easier to love a beggar dying in the street than the neighbor who growls at my children if a stray ball rolls in their yard."

Again that black and white choice of being IN IT with the poor and destitute of the world seems much more simple and noble than what I'm called to do in my life: smile at the cranky neighbor, pray for the man that cut me off in traffic, change diaper after diaper after diaper and prepare nourishing meals for my hardworking husband.


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