Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Our Path to Sanctity

I cannot stress enough how important it is to remember the fact that our daily crosses, these everyday trials and frustrations, are our path to sanctity!

A little over a year ago I came, in tears, to a good friend/mentor of mine back in Ohio after having been in a fight with my husband. I was emotionally very upset at the time with the various crosses and trials of marriage. She just smiled at me tenderly and said, "See? This is why you are meant to spend the rest of your life with this man! God knew what He was doing. You will become a saint living with him!" It all became so clear at that moment, and has been clear ever since. Marriage isn't all peaches and cream, growing and changing as a family, making a home together, welcoming baby after baby... It isn't the perfect little life, playing house. It's brutally hard and rough. Beautiful and blessed, yes. But easy? No. On the contrary, it is very, very hard to day after day, love each other through thick and thin, through all the frustrating personality clashes and kinks in a relationship. It is hard to be patient with our children. It is hard to turn to prayer in times of frustration and irritablity when all you want to do is throw something across the room. But if we continually turn to prayer, continually humble ourselves and strive for Love, we will indeed become holy. God is working through those in our lives to lead us closer to Him. Every dish we scrub, every diaper we change, every time we get annoyed with someone's ways or personality, it is all opportunity for growth, for further union with our Lord. I remind myself all the time, no matter what the situation, that my call is very, very simple! It is to love God and to love all of those around me. It is serve Him and know Him, to serve and know the Christ in all I meet. It is to give my all to my family, to Him.



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