Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May: the month of Mary

It is the month of Mary now. I love this month... time to plant gardens, spend more time outdoors, and, in a special way, honor Mary our Mother. How fitting, that it is a season of new growth and blossoms. Mary is a perfect example to we mothers of gracefulness, femininity, gentle and loving ways. Our vocation demands these ways of holiness. May she take our hands and lead us closer to our Lord... May we outstretch our hands with a total openness, a total fiat, a spirit of humility and desire for holiness.
I love having different liturgical times, feast days and seasons to encourage and motivate me to pick up new devotions or spiritual steps, and this month is perfect encouragement to focus on growing in our communion with Mary. There are a few wonderful prayers to her on our prayer page, and then there is also of course the Litany of Mary, a wonderful way to meditate on Mary's different roles in our lives through her various titles, and of course the Rosary, which is a wonderful meditation on the life of Christ and her fiat.

"This is the month of Mary, mother of God... Why not begin a journey inward to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to learn from her the secret of the king, her Son- the secret that would change our lives, and with them that of the world, the secret infinite charity, of God's peace, and Mary's joy--the secret and art of being before God and doing for God? ...The woman who spent her time on earth cloaked in silence is speaking to us today from Lourdes, Fatima, and many other places. If only we took time to listen and to ponder her words, ours would be a century of peace, ours would be lives of joy."



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