Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Coffeehouse: Blood Diamond

Lord, forgive us for all of our offenses against Love! Jesus, have mercy!
Normally I do not watch very violent movies, as I hav trouble with the images and sleeping at night. However, recently a friend recommended the movie Blood Diamond. She is from South Africa and said tht the movie was pretty accurate concerning the social situation over there. She also said that it was filmed near her beautiful home of Mossell Bay.

I was pleasantly surprised for a number of reasons: The acting was excellent. Unlike movies such The Last King of Scotland, this movie did not leave me feeling utterly depressed. It left me saddened by the horrors committed against Love. Saddened by the hatred we have in our world. It left me saddened and grief-struck for the mothers who have to watch such horrors and watch their children exposed to such horrors. But it left me with hope! It witnessed to the fact that Love is indeed amidst the ruins! That Love triumphs over all, that His light is even shining in the darkest of places. It also left me feeling incredibly grateful for the very safe country we are blessed to live in and raise our families in. So often we take this for granted! It also refreshingly did not include any steamy sexual scenes whe it easily could have. The director chose to show two hearts drawn to one another but to leave out any unnecessary steamy scenes. I thought this made the movie all the stronger.

After having seen this movie I am led to ask a question to you all regarding the social and political situation over in SA and in other parts of the world:
How do we, as Catholics, other than of course PRAYER (we can never pray enough!!) respond to these horrors? Which organizations and charities do we suppport?


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