Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's YOUR false god?

One of my biggest struggles is moderating my time on our computer. While we are doing some work on our back rooms, we have this machine in our front living room which makes it a very prominent presence in my life.

I know I'm not the only one out there who spends too much time online. And it may be with the best of intentions. We research things, e-mail people, shop, get involved with various message boards or blogs etc. There's a lot to distract ourselves with!

I'm never one to spend hours at a time in front of the monitor but the big problem is when I get on for 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there all throughout the day.

My solution, when I am diligent to follow it, has been a godsend on my family life. You wouldn't think 5 or 10 minute intervals would disrupt things much until you actually go a day without it... and notice how much time you have to fold clothes or read a story book. Funny how that works. Anyway, since my mind is always zooming with a million things, I often think of things "to do" online whether it's research or e-mail or pay bills or whatever. And so I keep a little pad of paper by the computer and whenever I have an urge to go look something up, I just make a quick note of it. I allow myself less than an hour to do everything I need to do and then I shut the modem off, turn the computer off and that's the end of it. I see a HUGE difference in the orderliness of my days when I am strict about my schedule with the computer. I don't let IT run my day. But having little notes relieves me of the stress of trying to remember what it is I got online for in the first place... so I don't get TOO distracted until I take care of business first. This has been what my goal is anyway. (You may notice I'm posting this at 10 pm tonight so obviously today has been an off-day but the key word is "try.")

Moderation is an underestimated virture. The saints agree with me.

"Preocupation with sensual comforts is another block to devotion, because a person who indulges too much in worldly delights does not deserve those of the Holy Spirit." -St. Peter of Alcantara



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