Monday, April 30, 2007

stay the course

Don't get too discouraged when you are disciplining a strong-willed child. I know it sometimes feels like your efforts in vain. Some kids are just plain tough! The parents can be on them for every infraction and consistent every day but the child might just persist in naughty ways.

Please don't give up! One good thought I read in a James Stenson book is this:

By enduring through tough discipline stages, you are setting your child up for his/her future. A lazy, inconsiderate or angry boy will grow up to be a lazy, inconsiderate angry man. If those traits aren't corrected now, this man's wife will have to put up with them... and their marriage might not be able to take that strain. And divorce happens. And the woman wins custody of YOUR grandkids and moves across the country with only "2 weeks in the summer" visitation rights.

We are raising children. But we are also raising future adults... setting the foundations for strong marriages or spiritual vocations. People you've never met are praying that YOU are raising THEIR children's future spouses properly... I am. The impact of the "tough days" we go through now is long lasting. Stay the course. Love with a firm and gentle hand to the best of your ability, then surrender the rest to God.



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