Monday, April 30, 2007

reader idea

Dear reader, Stephanie in Utah offered a great idea:

Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused in your housework or to be attentive to your children because of constant telephone interruptions? If you're anything like me, a phone call throws things off since it takes me a while to get myself back on track even after the call is over. I don't personally have too many phone calls during the day but I don't feel bad about not answering the phone sometimes. Steph is considering having her phone off all day and setting aside a specific time a couple times a day to simply check her messages, at HER convenience. It's interesting how our society always places phone calls as a top priority. Have you ever noticed how if you're being helped at a customer service desk and the phone rings, they almost always immediately answer it? Some have the courtesy to ask the callers to hold, but others simply ask YOU to wait and tend to the call. Maybe its the urgency or annoyance of the ringing that we feel the need to tend to immediately. At any rate, I've made it a priority in MY home, not to let the phone dictate the day. I don't answer it during quiet or napping hours. And we don't answer it during our meals. This is enough for us to have a controlled day. But some of you may have in-home businesses or such where you may need to regulate your phone time even more than that. All I can say is do what you need to do! Ask yourself what kind of atmosphere you want in the home and do what it takes to cultivate that. Stay tuned for my feelings on cell phones! ;o)



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