Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More than a trite phrase: Support our Troops

With the ongoing war, it's so easy to grow apathetic to the fact that men and women are risking their lives every single hour in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of us have the cute yellow ribbon magnets on the car: "Support our Troops." What are we actually doing to walk our talk?!

Please consider supporting Soldiers' Angels... a non-profit group that is doing everything they can to make sure no soldier goes unloved. Many don't have wives or families to receive letters and care packages from... and these are the things that do more than ANYTHING else to boost morale. And anyone who knows anything about military warfare knows that troop morale is essential to efficient operations and well-thought-out choices on and off duty. Through this website you can adopt a soldier to correspond with and/or contribute packages in a material/monetary way. My close friend works with this group and she's testified to me all the great things they are doing. It also links to many other websites that are doing good things. Just two of note are the following:

Operation Take a Vet Fishing. This is a basic website designed where ANYONE, anywhere in the US can offer to spend time taking a veteran fishing. A simple gesture that may make a world of difference in letting our veterans know they are loved and appreciated.

Sew Much Comfort. This group makes adaptive clothing for servicemembers who've lost a limb or who need to be in some kind of brace or prosthetic due to war-related injuries. You can sign up to be a volunteer seamstress or help the financial costs related to buying fabric and sewing supplies.

Please don't forget what our servicemembers our doing right now! However you feel about the war is irrelevant in supporting THEM as individuals.


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