Thursday, April 05, 2007

Do not be afraid

I think a lot about this fearing the Lord- what does it mean? Fearing to hurt him is what I have heard and most of the time what I settle on... I would love to hear what our readers think of this gift from the holy spirit.

But most of the time when I find myself lying awake at night fearing, it is not of our loving Father but of his Arch-enemy, and his legions of fallen angels that are out to destroy our families, our children, our souls. I have been reading about Padre Pio- and loving him as I never have before. His spirituality both comforts me- because of his words and holiness, and kind of scares me- because he was so in tune with suffering, and I am not. Since childhood, he had frequent battles with the devil- even physical ones- and it is my opinion that he knew the devil better than any man of our times. However he spoke of the devil in a way that comforted me... he said do not be afraid of him, he is like a vicious growling dog or beast but on a short chain. He has only one door to us, and that is our will. He cannot come in without permission.

In addition though, he said that the devil is loud when he is unhappy with you, and the devil is quiet when he has you where he wants you. I don't feel like he is very loud in my life right now, but I hope that means he has given up and left me alone for the time... but it might mean that my habitual sins do enough damage that he is happy with my lack of spiritual progress.

That being said, I have been praying lately for protection. A recent conversation inspired me to daily pray for the Blessed Mother's protection- on myself, my husband, my children. She can hide us in her mantle, and clothe us in armor so shining and bright that it repels every creature of the darkness, even the prince himself.

-Hope writes from Fillmore, CA


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