Thursday, March 08, 2007

What a man wants

Lately I have been thinking about my husband- trying desperately not to take him for granted. He is very good to me, to our children, etc and he works so hard and loves us so much. I want to be a good wife. Sometimes I focus on trying to look good for him, dress up a little more, actually brush my hair and put on some mascara before he walks in the door; sometimes I try to impress him with a new dinner- or a clean house- or the latest quip I heard on the radio that day- or an interesting piece of world or church news. But it has occurred to me that while these things are all good- what exactly is at the heart of what a man wants in his wife- and we all know because it's what we want too- is a best friend. And what is a best friend? It's the person you laugh the hardest with. It's a person you can't wait to talk to. It is the person who is most interested in what happened to you today. Sometimes I think I ask all the questions to my family and friends but I don't pry enough about what is interesting to my husband and why. Although men have all sorts of needs that I don't have to mention- they are human like us and deeply desire to share, to be understood, to love and be loved. What's the planet between Venus and Mars? Earth.

-Hope finally at the computer


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