Monday, March 26, 2007

Quick Tip

I've learned so much from my kids; their imaginations delight me almost every day. All kids do imaginative things and it's so much fun to learn THEIR ideas and talk about them. I think it helps parents set up living environments in their homes that is conducive to imaginative play learning. This is why I love having basic toys, with endless possiblities around the home (blocks, dress up clothes or fabrics, legos, etc.)

Anyway, our kids are improvisers when they don't have every bell and whistle on their toys playing FOR them. My husband just replaced our chintzy back door in the garage with a steel door. The old, hollow wooden door was leaning outside against the house. The kids had smashed the glass window out, so we took the whole glass pane out so it was like an open window. The window on this door had soft, white curtains on the inside. So the other day my husband came grinning into the house. They had taken all their soccer balls or basketballs and lined them up in front of the door like an audience. Then the boys were behind the door with their puppets putting on a show! They'd created their own free version of those hundred dollar puppet theatres you can buy. So my husband is going to chop the door shorter and paint it and put supporting stands on it and there you have it!

Bottom line, have an interesting house! Have an interesting variety of materials and objects for the kids to discover. We recently bought a bunch of PVC pipes and joints and the boys are having a blast making all kinds of shapes and figures with those things. Good play material doesn't need to be expensive!



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