Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Hidden Life

Most of us, as mothers, homemakers and wives, do not lead glorious, in-the-spotlight lives. We lead very hidden, humble lives. Our days are filled with very humble everyday tasks such as dishes, laundry, sweeping, cooking. It can be terribly monotonous at times, too. I've thought aloud about that in other posts, such as the laundry one. Our life is full of these hidden, silent tasks that are unnoticed by the world. Others do "big" things: they are doctors... lawyers... missionaries in other countries... or they work in soup kitchens and actually make a difference that can be seen. But ladies, the work we do, although hidden, humble, and seemingly unimportant, seemingly uneffective on the world around us, is incredibly worthwile, incredibly effective, incredibly important!! The main example we have of this fact is the life our Lady lived. She was a homemaker, a wife, a mother. She was the mother of Our Lord Himself! But did the world see her? Did the world know what a glorious thing she was doing? No, probably not. We are living the life our Lady did. We are living the quiet, hidden life of Nazareth! What greater honor could we have? Remember, next time you are sweeping the floor, for the upteenth time in the day, or changing another diaper, or doing whatever grueling task you have, that you are doing just what our Lady did. Put your heart into it. Pray that through sweeping the house and nursing the baby you will grow closer to God and to Heaven. Pray that you will find utmost joy in all these tasks. Our work is beautiful, awesome, worthy and -more than the world knows!- important! It may be hidden and go unnoticed... even by your closest relatives and ffriends. But hey, what better opportunity for growth in humility?



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