Thursday, March 29, 2007

Flower Gardening

"Flower gardeners spend their time growing beauty, which the Lord can then use to heal people and bring them closer to Him. Each flower is a love poem of God to us! Each reflects a small part of God's beauty. Look at each one and you will lose yourself in the infinite perfection of that one flower-- it's colors, it's forms, the shape of the petals." ~Catherine Doherty, from The People of the Towel and the Water.

This is how I feel about my son and my coming child. I am cultivating the life of beautiful little human beings. As a mother, I am flower gardening for God! I am growing flowers and hoping that each one will turn their faces to the sun and soak up all the sunshine that is there for their growth. My children's sunshine is the love of God and the love of their parents; it is the food I feed them; it is my own milk; more sunshine will be the graces they will receive from the Sacraments of the Church. Their fertile soil is the solid home my husband and I work hard to provide, preserve and cultivate. It is the love in the home which we surround them with.

"Many hermits and saints have spent some of their love life for God planting and tending flowers-- making their desert bloom. A hermitage without flowers is not the dwelling of God. Wherever the Benedictines and Franciscans walked, they left behind them hermitages with flowers. A house without flowers is dead. To state it simply: where there is a loving heart in a home, there is someone who devotes himself or herself to flower gardens." ~Catherine Doherty, from The People of the Towel and the Water

Let us, as mothers, consider ourselves flower gardeners!



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