Friday, February 02, 2007

savor the goods

A little cluster of epiphanies came walking down our lane. We've been taking Sundays off in order to celebrate it as a sacred day. Starting now, don't expect much posting on Saturdays either. It may happen, but don't bank on it.

1- Three mamas are busy with their mothering.

2- Weekends are somewhat "off" weeks as far as routines go; many of our readers are rightfully busy with their own family lives and don't tune in online until weekdays.

3- Our blog is a very dense blog as it is. We don't have a lot of the casual, chattiness that many other bloggers do to provide several posts a day. There are many, THICK, posts to wade through during the week; oftentimes, Sia, Hope and I don't find time to even read each other's posts! Perhaps we 3, as well as our readers, can sort of catch up on any reading over the weekends...

4- We're bound to run dry if we expect to post interesting things EVERY DAY. So we need to pace ourselves a bit.

We usually put our hearts into what we write and it'd be a pity to watch those throughts get driven past in our traffic-congested lives. So there's that... enjoy what's up and we encourage you to explore our archives if something new isn't up on the weekends and you're in need of a thought to chew.



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