Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Quick Pick

My husband is reading a book. For those who know me, this is an unusual event. He gets a lot more out of "doing" than reading. But I wanted to highlight this book on our blog because it is so perfectly directed toward the dignity of a MAN'S vocation. Succesful Fathers: The subtle but powerful ways fathers mold their children's characters by James Stenson is an awesome compilation of reflections on the nature of fatherhood. It's more than your typical self-help book. It includes how the traditional economics of the family unit have changed over time and what kind of role that plays in the parent/child relationship. Now, my husband is not only averse to reading, but he is very averse to anyone, "expert" or otherwise, telling him how to raise his children. This book doesn't do exactly that. But a man who my husband respects a lot offered him this little book (it's only 65 pages) and mentioned how it had a huge impact on his life... so my dear agreed to give it a go. And as I covertly browsed it myself, I was struck by the simple and true message in it, I would hope all men see their role as fathers in the way this author describes.

"The greatest challenge a man can face, by far, is that of raising his children well. Without exaggeration, it can be said that his success or failure at this constitutes his success or failure in life." (pg. 9)

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