Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Coffeehouse: Counting and ABCs

There are a thousand and one different counting and ABC concept books out there. And while you certainly don't need picture books to teach either of these to your children, they can make the process a whole lot of fun. So here is a listing of my favorite concept books. What criteria do I have for a good concept book? Well, I of course look for quality, classy illustrations to delight ME as well as the kids. Secondly, I prefer books with a theme of some sort. Sure the "A is for apple, B is for bear" books are fine, but it's a lot of fun to use letters and numbers to treat the same topic. So here are just a few of our favorites, feel free to comment with yours!

Anno's Counting Book is a gorgeous book with rolling landscapes that change with the seasons and quaint churches and figures appearing to populate the town. All of Anno's books are good books for that matter, and are usually wordless too.

1 is One by Tasha Tudor is absolutely exquisite in it's pictures. I can not say enough good things about this author/illustrator. This counting book isn't totally themed like Anno's but the pictures make you feel like you are perusing a national treasure each time you turn the page.

The Icky Bug Counting Book is a fun and clever book by Jerry Pallotta that goes through all differernt kinds of bugs you may or may not have heard of. I always appreciate books that "sneak in" some educational material and this is one of them with his realistic paintings. As an added bonus, the book doubles as an alphabet book going backwards!

A is for Annabelle is another Tudor book that goes through all the beautiful ways one cares for her dolly. My boys weren't entirely interested in it but I couldn't resist checking it out from our library and wishing I had a daughter to share it with.

G is for Goat by Patricia Polacco is a fun rhyming book about the peasant girl frolicking about with her goats. Polacco's illustrations are always very colorful and detail-oriented watercolors and this one is typical of her Russian countrysides she is fond of depicting.

B is for Bethlehem by Isabel Wilner is obviously out of season, but it's well worth mentioning since Elisa Klevin is an awesome, unique artist who illustrates this. This tells the story of Jesus' birth in sweet little rhymes.


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