Monday, January 22, 2007

Making Do on Monday: Do Life

Today marks the 34th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade... the decision that made abortion legal in the United States.

Please, please don't despair. Don't ever underestimate the power of prayer and sacrifice. Don't grow apathetic to the death of these poor, innocent babies simply because it's so common and accepted now. Do what you can. If you can't attend pro-life rallies taking place all over today, do some prayers, fast, or offer up some other sacrifices in atonement for the sins of our nation. It's so easy to think that there's nothing we can do. There IS! There is so much power in prayer and fasting. And please remember that we have the power of the vote. Don't get lost in a sense of "my vote won't change anything." Our country has one of the lowest turnouts of registered voters in the entire world. Yet, we are fine to criticize who we have in office when more than half of us aren't even participating in elections. Vote pro-life. And if you want to stock up on Pro-Life gear, I suggest two companies, has a huge selection of shirts, signs, buttons, stickers, etc. And also has a shop with several Pro-Life products. I've also found some more unusual or creative shirts and things on by typing in "pro-life" on the search window.

These messages are good. People in society need to see that we will not be silenced. And that there are many people who want to defend life despite what the (often rigged) poll numbers say. But the even bigger impact can be made by how we are living OUR lives. By being open to life... by wearing that smile on your face that shows you DELIGHT in God's blessings to you. Having a large family and/or mothering the few children you have with grace and love and STRENGTH is the best pro-life message we mothers can give. Show those hardened hearts that this life we chose is a beautiful one, even on your bad days. I don't think we should "fake it" if we are having a crummy day. But make a conscious effort to find grace in sufferings and show THAT. The willing, sacrificial attitude of wanting to raise children isn't very common anymore. We are called to be a sign of life... to be counter-cultural. Bite back the temptation to yell at your kid who knocks something off the grocery store shelf. Be conscious of how disgusted and worn-out you might look when your three little ones are clamoring all over you in public. What do our expressions tell society regarding our feelings on mothering? We are called to love and to give love in the way we raise our children. Having a smile on your face while doing it can change the world...



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