Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Coffeehouse: Jim Aylesworth

I don't know about you, but I always get excited when I find a new children's book or author that delights us. We take reading seriously in this family and storytime is one of our more special times of day. I keep meaning to update our Kid's Booklist but I haven't made time for that. So in the meantime, we'll just keep up on little treasures we've been finding at the local library.

And the latest author I've discovered is Jim Aylesworth . We picked up two of his books from the library: Tricky Fox and My Son John. Tricky Fox is a rendtion of an old tale but something that this author loves to incorporate into his stories are fun little rhymes and noises that make the whole story a treat... not just a telling of a tale. My boys and I love to cozy in on the couch and read delightful little books and this is one of them! One thing I love about this author too, is that he has a penchant for choosing great illustrations for his books. Tricky Fox is done in a classic style by Barbara McClintock.

My Son John is my favorite so far. This book is complimented with wood cutout illustrations that are a joy to look at in and of themselves. The book is a play on the old rhyme: "Diddle, diddle dumpling..." He goes through an entire day on the farm with various sons and daughters (hey: pro-life message right?! ;o) ) with a page for each one:
Bonny bonny bridal, My daughter Rose.
Combs her mare in old work clothes.
Hay in hair and dirt on nose.
Bonny bonny bridal, My daughter Rose.

Old Black Fly is another book I remember checking out at one point. This one is geared toward little readers as an old fly goes through the alphabet wreaking havoc through the house along his way. Again, in his trademark style, it is catchy and has a wonderful cadence that children will want to experience over and over.

With over 25 books in print, we will definitely have our eye out for more of Jim Aylesworth !!!

-Ellie: Oak Harbor, WA


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