Thursday, January 18, 2007

Feminism at its worst

The disturbing trend of self-glorification is all over in stores these days. If clothing manufacturers are suceeding, your 12 year old girl is wearing an "I'm hot, you're not" or "Spoiled" shirt, and your 13 year old boy is wearing something like a "Keep staring, your boyfriend won't notice" or a "Will trade sister for video game" shirt. -Ugh. Not only are these kinds of clothes ugly, they are simply disgusting in the morals they (don't?) try to promote.

Well, I'm fine letting people go about their style until it crosses a line. Lately there have been a rash of shirts out thinking it's funny or cute to promote violence against men. Look at this shirt; if you can't read it, the words say "How to drop a boyfriend." I've also seen a shirt out there that shows a girl standing on the head of a boy saying, "Sometimes you have to put your foot down." Can you imagine the uproar if the sexes were switched in these images?! So why is it okay or "cute" to have pictures of girls beating up on guys? Even Wal-Marts have been seen selling these shirts in their girl section.

Kyrie eleison...

If you notice clothing like the above, please do us all a favor and say something to the manager of the store. Change is effected through dedicated and concerned consumers. If enough of a protest is made, that line will get pulled from the shelves and manufacturers may think twice about what messages they are pushing onto our children.

-Ellie, Oak Harbor


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