Wednesday, January 10, 2007

being apostolic

The apostles were so bold with their faith. They were so on fire for sacrificing being "content" for Christ. Acts 5:41 tells us they "rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name."

Now I haven't quite made it to REJOICING in my sorrows, but oftentimes I CAN bring myself to consciously THANK Jesus for difficult times and offer it up for the conversion of sinners.

The beautiful thing pointed out by Jeff Cavins (in a recently watched video he did) is that this is how the world is changed. Changes in holiness aren't made by having a great thesis written, or a great blog, or great debating skills. What revolutionized the Roman Empire and what can continue to effect BIG changes today is people living their lives with joy... accepting their crosses in the shadows and praising God for the opportunity to suffer.

Each diaper we do, each dish we wash is but a tiny drop in an infinite ocean of sacrifices... but Mother Teresa pointed out that if that ocean did not have that drop... it would be missing something now wouldn't it?!

Trudge on mothers... and trudge with joy and and thanksgiving. I know it's hard sometimes... unspeakably so for some. Even though this blog discloses some of OUR feelings, not everything is put out there in the open. And there are many, many more of YOU who suffer silently too. You may feel like you are broken or ill-equipped for motherhood, or just plain exhausted. God knows this. You are not alone. He will fill in what qualities we lack for the job. Your kids are yours for a reason... He has faith in you. Embrace the thorns that adorn our beautiful rose of a vocation. They will sanctify and purify you if you stop resisting and start accepting trials with a courageous heart.

-Ellie... who just needed to get that off her chest this week. ( a note to self more than anything!)


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