Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Christmas with or birth families was filled with blessings. It is always a treat for us to spend time with our parents and siblings because we don't see them so much. The food was yummy and the gift exchanging was fun... but I am left this morning staring at the gigantic pile of "stuff" that my super scout husband managed to pack home, utilizing every single spare inch of our van. Stuff. It is all useful and mostly thoughtful, but wow... simplifying my home just got a little trickier.

Late last night we already hid many of he kids' gifts, simply because there was so many! I think t would overwhelm them all at once so we may space out the introduction of new toys over time to keep things novel and as we go through the old toys.

Even my husband and myself got spoiled... again our families only want to show us love but how can we nicely tell them it's too much? It's overwhelming for US!

Maybe next year when I'm asked for my "wish list", I'll put things on there like "I want a tree planted in my name" etc. There are things around the house that we received and needed and wanted but I just feel like it was too much all at once. One or maybe two gifts from the family would be plenty... not most of the entire wish list! I wonder if they feel there is a dollar quota they must meet with us or something. God bless their big hearts but it makes me feel kind of sad to see all this "stuff" now clogging my dining room table and floor waiting for a home... we don't always need "nice and new and better stuff" (as stated in one of Hope's song on her CD). Sometimes, when I fill out a wish list it's just putting things down for the sake of putting things down. I'm only really eager and even vain about getting new books (my own vice with which I need to reckon), but everything else is just STUFF!

I can't say it ruined my Christmas... we spent time with families and went to a beautiful Mass and laughed and cried with sentiment. I just struggle with simplifying the material aspect of my life and this time of year doesn't really help that. So dear Infant Jesus... please grant me a humility, peace and wisdom that can find its way to my heart through all the "stuff."


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