Wednesday, December 06, 2006

St. Nicholas Day

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas! This a very special day for children...
He was known to have secretely helped those in need by placing bags of gold in homes through the windows. It is from St. Nicholas legends that the world has adopted the stories of "Santa Claus". Many families on this day honor St. Nicholas by filling the childrens' shoes with treats, gold coins, etc. The children leave the shoes or stockings out the night before (eve of this day) and awake to them filled. This is a fun kick-off to the Advent season.

~Considered primarily as the patron saint of children, Nicholas is also invoked by sailors, merchants, bakers, travelers and pawnbrokers, and with Saint Andrew is honored as the co-patron of Russia.

~St. Nicholas did his charitable works secretly. Suggest that your children do one hidden act of kindness in imitation of the saint.

HERE for some good reading on how to celebrate St. Nicholas day in your homes. As I will be gone for over 3 weeks over the season this year, I am taking today to do some special Christmas baking for our relatives in the area. This way, although it's an early Christmas sweets plate, at least I can write, "Happy St. Nicholas Day!"...

One of my new favorite children's books, as of the last few years, is The Miracle of Saint Nicholas.



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