Saturday, December 30, 2006

His little gift to me

My husband and I share an adoration hour at our parish, switching off weeks to go. Most of the time, Our Lord, grants me a tiny little insight and that sustains me in my vocation or gives me a new piece of knowledge to chew on. Last night was an awesome one.

Many of us have heard that God is hidden in the humble nature of a Communion wafer because we wouldn't be able to handle His splendor. The little devotional book I was reading elaborated on that even further for me:

Jesus Christ hides His glory from us because He wants us to be able to approach Him with the familiarity of a friend to friend, or child to parent. We would be too shocked with the fullness of God to come to Him in this way if we were face to face with His glory.

Furthermore, we aren't allowed to see the fullness of His perfection because He doesn't want us to be too overwhelmed with our weaknesses. He longs for us to speak openly with Him and to listen openly with our hearts. He humbles Himself enough for us to be comfortable doing this. The concept of becoming a Divine Prisoner in a piece of bread goes deeper than the Church just asking us to have faith without seeing; He waits for us as a Friend, a Father... a source of ALL good graces.

Eucharist adoration is the most concrete expression of our adoration of God.
-St. Peter Julian Eymard



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