Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Coffeehouse: Christmas blends & sweets

Around Christmas season it's special to have some treats around. Not just regular old sugar, but the unique, once-a-year treats! Here are a few personal favorites, of the new and old-fashioned sort.

~Peet's Coffee and Tea has a wide selection of teas and coffees for the holidays. Their Holiday Blend this year is very good. -Sweet and smooth. One of my favorite of their black teas is the Scottish Breakfast, but the Black Currant, brewed strong with honey and some milk, pairs wonderfully with desserts.

~Peet's Sweets are quite the gourmet indulgence! Chocolate covered cherries, blueberries, marmalade, chocolate, peppermints and espresso name it.

Why do I love Peet's so much? I have found that it has no artificial flavors which many teas and coffees have within the taste. The tastes are unique and natural Also, they're incredibly consistent... and gourmet in presentation if you're looking for a quick gift.

Torani Syrups are probably the most widely-used flavored syrups in coffeeshops. They have wonderful flavors for making your own coffees.. hazelnut, vanilla, raspberry, and more. I never buy "flavored" cofffes, as I think often it compromises the taste of the coffee. But get a good strong coffee blend and add a syrup to it and you have a very tasty beverage. Their site is a lot of fun but you can buy their syrups in stores also.

Sundrops are the most amazing M&M natural alternative! They are sun-colors of pink, orange and yellows, made from beet juice, beta carotene and natural caramel. They look really lovely in a bowl. This is a favorite holiday treat around here.

Nothing beats the good old-fashioned tasty peppermint sticks!! I don't like conventional candy canes, but I love these.

Have you ever tried old-fashioned chewing gum? We used to get these in our stockings.. they don't taste like any other gum made these days. They have a strong, unique natural flavor to them. The flavors I love the most are:
Teaberry -this gum dates back to 1900.
Black Jack -this gum dates back to 1870... it's a licorice-flavored gum.

Happy Holidays...

~Sia, Vancouver, WA


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