Saturday, December 23, 2006

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the coming of Love? Behold, He comes in the womb of a woman. You will catch your first glimpse of Love on the straw of a stable. There He is, emptying Himself, the Lord of Hosts; out of love He became a child. ~Catherine Doherty

When I read that bit from her book Dearly Beloved it calls me to wake up, to listen, to watch. Tomorrow is Christmas! Tomorrow our Lord comes to us as a little child! Oh, to be like a little child! We must become like little childrn to enter the Kingdom of God-- what better reminder of this than Christmas? The donkey bells are getting closer. Listen for them and be attentive. A new year approaches, a new springtime of love... May we prepare our hearts and once again become like little children. We as mothers are blessed to be holding these little ones!! We are blessed to be around them day in, day out, witnessing their humble joys and discoveries as they learn about the world. How beautiful childhood is.

"What kind of birthplace are you providing for the Christ child? Is the straw shiny and golden and clean? Is the manger solid?...Have you made the door of the stable of your heart secure against the cold winds of apathy, selfishness, indifference, so that these cannot penetrate? Is the dry wood of your sacrifices, your penances, your prayers, ready to be lit to provide warmth in that cold stable?" ~Catherine Doherty

I'll leave you on that note today!

~Sia, on Hanover Ridge with her family in Ohio


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