Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day and Martinmas

Today we honor all military veterans. I hope patriotism is something we all strive to cultivate in our homes. If your city has a local veteran's cemetary... taking your kids there to pray and place a few flowers would be appropriate. Also, check your newspaper for community activities. Oftentimes there are parades or even simple flag ceremonies where the public is invited to attend. Here is a coloring page you can print out for children to color.

Martinmas is the European term for the feast day of St. Martin of Tours. He was the first non-martyr to be canonized a saint. This soldier-turned-bishop is most famously depicted as cutting his robe in half to give to a beggar in the streets. A wonderful way to remember this feast day would be to go through our own belongings and sort out the clothing we don't need (especially warm clothing since winter is on its way) and donate it to St. Vincent's de Paul Society. Children have traditionally used this day to celebrate both the saint and the coming of winter by making paper lanterns and marching through the streets singing songs. You can find instructions for doing that HERE.


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