Saturday, November 25, 2006

St. Catherine of Alexandria, virgin and martyr

Today is the Memorial of St. Catherine of Alexandria, virgin and martyr. She was not only a woman in love with the Faith, but who had quite a strong, guided mind as well. The story of her torture is grueling. She is the patron Saint of apologists and maidens, as well as much, much more. Click on the link above to read more about her.

St. Catherine, pray for us!
Prayer for a Happy Death:
O my Lord and Savior, support me in my last hour by the strong arms of Thy sacraments, and the fragrance of Thy consolations. Let Thy absolving words be said over me, and the holy oil sign and seal me; and let your own body be my food, and Thy blood my sprinkling; and let Thy Mother Mary come to me, and my angel whisper peace to me, and Thy glorious saints and my own dear patrons smile on me, that in and through them all I may die as I desire to live, in Thy Church, in Thy faith, and in Thy love. Amen.
My Jesus, mercy.
(~prayer written by Cardinal Newman. )


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