Thursday, November 09, 2006

In the Now

I want to say that I am the worst culprit of what I'm about to talk about.

So often we spend our days worrying about everything under the sun: "Johnny needs new shoes." "When are we going to repair that leaky faucet?" "I wish we could remodel the kitchen." "My house needs a paint job." And so on and so forth. Sometimes we forget to just live in the NOW. Be present TODAY. I love how Sia wrote a while back how ours is too sacred a vocation to simply tolerate "getting through" the day. Sure it's rough... but can you think of anything more rewarding?!

And how often are we actually, actively living RIGHT NOW as mothers to our children? Forget about the troubles tomorrow may bring or the things you constantly want to improve on in your home or personal life. Live humbly with what you have, when you have it. Read a book with a child. That's what I remember about growing up... not doing errands with mom. I know that it is inherent in our motherly nature to worry and certainly we MUST do errands, etc. And nothing is wrong with wanting to better our position in a material way... as long as it's in moderation with a proper gratitude for what God has already given us.

And the way to moderate is simply to live right now. There's been a few times that I go through my days and I am hustling and bustling with worries or concerns, that before I know it my husband is wandering through the kitchen as if dinner will appear in front of him by itself! I forget to just BE present... mentally... with my family! And that is at least as important as being physically important.

My thoughts at the moment. And now, to return to my "now" in this home...

-Ellie, Oak Harbor, WA


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