Saturday, November 04, 2006

Don't forget about your OTHER husband.

We should try to make priests a bigger part of our families! They are our spiritual fathers... heading the Bride of Christ. We must act as their spiritual wives and families too. Invite them over to supper. Take your priest out to the park for a picnic and frisbee. A lot of people assume that someone else is doing dinner for the priest... or that they are too busy for us. The reality is that it's usually the same 2% of the parish that is actually tending to the human relationship of our priests. Not only will it serve them to have companionship and a deeper knowledge of their flock... but it couldn't be better for OUR families! Children need to see priests in their human capacity too... they should be a normal part of kids' lives. If we hope to be blessed with children who may have religious vocations... we should make the priesthood accesible and real to them in our everyday lives. A family I know used to have a priest come over, do confessions in the kitchen, Mass in the living room, and then a big dinner... all this after an afternoon of surfing at the beach.

I know the image of the priest at YOUR church on a surfboard is probably laughable to most of us... but you get the idea. They are men... and like all men, need someone to take care of them!



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