Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Coffee and Diapers News

*We are creating a permanent section on our sidebar that will be dedicated to prayer for expectant mothers. This is one thing that will be frequently updated so names will come and go. If you would like to be included in this, please e-mail your name and due date for listing.

* We wanted to announce that we've created a little partnership with so that when our readers use OUR links to buy books we suggest, we get a certain percentage of the sales. We will be using all the profits from this to buy lovely books for needy children or mothers. So we encourage you to support us in this if a certain title catches your eye. Ellie will be working on creating links for all the titles on our bookpage but she's only going to be able to do that so fast... if there's something you plan on purchasing that we suggested, and it doesn't have a link yet... please e-mail us and it'll get forwarded to you ASAP. So far the only links we have done are the last two books listed (laundry & liturgy and the Eric Carle book).


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