Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Be encouraged to speak out

A few months ago I received a mailer from our local dentist with a very immodestly dressed chick smiling and showing off her pearly whites. There were a few pictures of her, and it was not something I wanted my kids looking at, or my husband, or myself. I know- it's everywhere, so why even try? I am just so fed up with this problem I wrote them a letter complaining about it, saying how I prided our town on being family focused and their mailer was offensive to me and I'm sure many families. Well in my mailbox yesterday I got their new mailer, and what a difference! There were actually pictures of kids and parents instead! So anyway, some may think it is a losing battle but I feel very strongly about fighting it anyway, at least on a local level. My next quest: to get our local grocery store to stop putting Cosmo magazine in the checkout aisle. I have recently found out that they pay for their spot, and so I have to appeal to higher management. But I encourage you to do the same. Find out what you can about it- our priests and husbands have to walk through those lines! And I know I am looking at those pictures, and I am a girl. Cosmo's headline this month: "Naughty Sex." In big letters. I feel bad even writing it on a site as beautiful as this- but do we want our children reading that? Anyway a word of encouragement... if you have the time to complain, it may make a difference.

Hope from California


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