Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Posting

Given that we have some new readers now, we thought we'd share with you our thoughts on Sundays regarding this site.

Although writing, maintaining and such for this site is never a chore or work for us, (on the contrary, it's a joy) it is indeed something that is a regular part of our days/week which we feel we need to take a break from on Sundays. This assists us in our efforts to keep Sunday as sacred as possible. Being on the internet can be a very good, edifying time if one uses it wisely. However, looking at a computer screen does not contribute to that quiet mindset, that building up of fertile ground which is neccesary for our growth in holiness, for the sharpening of our minds....

This being said (if it made any sense), I wish you all fruitful, happy, peace-filled Sundays.

~Sia, Vancouver, WA


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