Wednesday, October 11, 2006

puke, pee, and too much me.

This is one of those days when I realize how much ours is a vocation of selflessness... or at least is supposed to be. My oldest son has been puking since the very early morning. He has a slow reaction time and isn't quite making it to the bowl I gave him... so it's been all over his bed, our bed and the floor and rug.

The middle son woke up in a bed of pee... I guess it was just one of those nights where he drank too much or something because he leaked all over his crib. And he has a raspy voice and a phlegm-filled cough today.

The youngest son appears fine... a respite for me. The boys are camped in front of cartoons with sippy cups filled with Gatorade right now.

I realize that sometimes it take a big hit for me to realize my blessings. When I have one or two little annoyances throughout my day, I am shamefully just that... annoyed. But when something comes that totally takes over all my mind, energy and resources... I have no choice but to surrender. I am nothing without Him. My dishes need to be done and my freshly soiled laundry pile is mountainous. Grocery shopping NEEDS to happen as well as a couple other errands.

But it will all have to wait. And I can't be thinking about "me" and my needs much longer than this post is already causing on a day like today. When the day hits rock bottom, it is then that I open myself to graces received in suffering. It is then that I fully realize how meaningful my morning consecration is and it is then that I am able to see outside of myself into the path my Savior has laid out for me. A big part of me is thankful for terrible days...



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