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I hope that so far our site is in keeping with what we originally set out and intended to do. Our vision remains the same, and I think we are still trying to put into practice everything we had hoped for regarding the ministry of this site, including reminding our readers of the DIGNITY and SACREDNESS of our vocation, and so on. Looking back on a lot of our posting, I am seeing a LOT of practical imput. I'm seeeing a LOT of ideas on fun activities, useful tips, practical how-to this and how-to that sharing. A lot of this comes through in Making Do On Mondays. -This is good, because our vocation indeed is a very practical one. It is very hands-on, very physical. So these tips and such (we hope) are very useful and appropriate. I'd like to continue this. We also have added fun things which may interest our readers, such as Friday Coffeehouse, (books, music, tea, coffee art and culture...) We have introduced a Question of the Week (an outlet for discussion and sharing.)

However, I'd like to remind our readers of some aspects of motherhood which are very important and which perhaps wehaven't been focusing on as much lately. We hope to impart through this site the following:

  • Liberation and freedom found in suffering: (The joy we find in being mothers. The liberation and freedom we find through the sacrifices motherhood brings. Many folks see motherhood and marriage as captivity and LOSS of self. We see it as a DEEPER understanding of self and true freedom and liberation, full of joy!)
  • A Call to MORE; call to holiness; deeper prayer, deeper wisdom, deeper faith, increase and growth in all virtues
  • Inspiration and encouragement
  • Giving/showing a spectrum of different personalities as mothers, (our own 3 as well as our reader's)
  • Practical applications and help
  • Ministry to what the Church's call is for we mothers
  • Education and sharing in the joy and feasts of our Church, for the sake of all of our growing families in this generation.

We hope that we will all continue to be as active as we have been to keep this site updated and moving, but we also hope to really keep each post GOOD and wholesome. We welcome any suggestions or ideas from our readers in comments or email. We also urge any readers who would like to post something they themselves would like to share, within the outlines of the goals above, to contact us by email (Click on "Contact Us"). Also, if any of our readers have ANY ideas on our weeekly post titled "Question of the week", please share them with us! Although we love to throw questions out there, it is hard sometimes to think of a new question every week which we hope will trigger inspiration and discussion. So share your own ideas with us or simply tell us what you'd like to take part in or see discussed. (Once again, please email us at coffeeanddiapers@gmail.com.) We all learn from each other and we especially welcome any mother's inspirations at this time.

God bless you all and, as we've been saying, Happy Mothering! I will leave you with some quotes:

"Motherhood must be treated in work policy and economy as a great end and a great task in itself. For with it is connected the mother's work in giving birth, feeding and rearing, and no one can take her place. Nothing can take the place of the heart of a mother always present and always waiting in the home. True respect for work brings with it due esteem for motherhood. It cannot be otherwise. The moral health of the whole of society depends on that."
~Pope John Paul II, Homily, June 7th, 1979

~May our Lady teach us her gentle ways throughout our daily lives. May we imitate her in all we do, treating every child with dignity, love and reverence...

I quoted this a while ago in my September 6th post titled "The Blessing of Being With Child", but I feel that it's fitting to put it into this post as well to again remind us of the beauties and sacredness of motherhood:

~"Pregnancy is depicted in Psalm 139 as a season of divine activity, as the Creator knits a child in his mother's womb. What does a child need at this point? Only his mother, his Paradise. Mary is often called the New Eve, but she is also the New Eden. Her body is her child's garden of delights, and her love radiates to her little one every time she sings, or prays, or breathes it's name...
~Research has shown that the newborn's sight, generally hazy and undefined, is designed to come to a focus at one specific distance: 8 to 12 inches, not much more and not less. Why 8 - 12 inches? Because that's the distance from a nursling's eyes to his mother's face while he is being cradled at her breast. Increasingly, within weeks of birth, he's not looking at her breast. He's looking at her eyes.She fills his whole range of vision: she satisfies his hunger and thirst, succors him with warmth and comfort; the timbre of her voice (the higher female tone) is precisely the range of frequencies his ears are fine-tuned to hear. She is his Universe: to the nursling, she is the Immensity."
~from Mothering and Justice by Juli Loesch Wiley

~Sia, Vancouver, WA


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