Saturday, October 14, 2006

I spent HOW many thousands of dollars for this?!

I recently earned my diploma from Washington State University... graduated with a BA in Social Sciences last May. I pulled it out of the big envelope and admired it for a while. Maybe someday down the road I'll need it. Or when the kids grow up I hope to get a post graduate degree and do some higher-education teaching. I get the feeling from some people however, that they think I'm "wasting" my degree because I'm not jumping into a career. In their eyes, all the money I put into that education needs to be justified by becoming a practical, productive member of working society (as if mothering isn't valuable at all).

I think otherwise.

For now, I have a perfect place for my diploma... in my office like all other professionals. No education ever goes to waste! My friend gave me this idea when she proudly announced that she was hanging her Biology diploma above her changing table. She'll use all her knowledge of biology for those blow-out diapers I'm sure!!!

So... I'm going to frame the thing and hang it in my diapering area too... an ode to my profession of choice!

-Ellie: Oak Harbor, WA


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