Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"G Diapers": the new thing

Well, well... having babies must be really popular these days because the diaper crowds are always coming up with something new!! A friend a while back alerted me to a new thing called gdiapers and I have finally checked it out so I could share the news with you all. (Thanks, Greg!)

Click on the below links to check out the new GDiaper: the flushable diaper that doesn't go to landfills... it is a flushable fitted, curved liner that inserts into a waterproof cover. -It has the good-looking aesthetic side of the fun diaper covers combined with being earth friendly, but with the easy throw-away mentality that a disposable diaper has. However, it's not as cheap as using all cloth as the cloth can be re-used over and over.

I suppose that if you're already buying regular disposables and spending that $ anyway, that you may as well buy the flushable gdiapers so that you can do the earth a favor. I think that they're around the same price as regular diapers, perhaps a wee bit more.... I haven't done ANY research on this until this moment during my coffeebreak... I look forward to hearing if any of you have tried or heard of this new thing. The first link includes a fun little video too, complete with a banjo to accompany the gdiaper demo... ;)

how they work
getting started
homepage of gdiapers

~Sia, vancouver, WA


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