Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Coffeehouse

Here are just a few fun and interesting facts about coffee... Folks, it's been a busy week for all 3 of us, so be patient as you wait for more substantial questions and coffeehouses...

~"Cowboy coffee"? It was said they made their coffee by putting ground coffee into a clean sock and immerse it in cold water and heated over campfire. When ready, they would pour the coffee into tin cups and drink it.

~Beethoven who was a coffee lover, was so particular about his coffee that he always counted 60 beans each cup when he prepared his brew.

~Dark roasted coffees actually have LESS caffeine than medium roasts. The longer a coffee is roasted, the more caffeine burns off during the process.

~Special studies conducted about the human body revealed it will usually absorb up to about 300 milligrams of caffeine at a given time. About 4 normal cups. Additional amounts are just cast off, providing no further stimulation. Also, the human body dissipates 20% of the caffeine in the system each hour

~1 kilogram of roasted coffee requires 4,000 - 5,000 coffee beans.

~It is a well-known fact to coffee drinkers everywhere that Honoré de Balzac, famous nineteenth-century French writer (remember Père Goriot?), drank up to 40 cups of coffee per day!

These are just a few out of MANY very interesting facts about coffee. It's worth visiting the site just to see what kind of extensive research some people will do on one delightful subject!

~To read more entertaining and very interesting "facts" about this beverage, go to Cocoa

~Sia, back in Vancouver, WA

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