Saturday, October 21, 2006


When I had my first son at age 20, I was pleasantly shocked at just how much my baby LIKED me. I know that sounds silly now, but maybe I was just too young to really understand concepts like bonding and attachment. Now, on my third child, I am still overcome with pleasant feelings when I pick up my fussing baby and he immediately calms down.

Babies don't care if your breath smells bad in the morning or if you didn't have time for a shower that day... they love you all the same. I am even amazed at my older children in the way they forgive you instantly. After a few sharp words and 5 minutes in the corner, my son still wants to hug and cuddle me. He holds no grudges... oh to be childlike!

God designed this ego-boosting aspect of parenthood in such a beautiful way. First-time moms especially need to feel encouraged and competant in what they are doing as mothers. -And nothing anyone can say or do can compare to the smile and reaching arms that a baby gives his mother.

Yes, I know it can be overwhelming, especially when your child is in a separation-anxiety stage and never wants to be put down. But what an underlying little joy it is huh? To think that your baby would like for nothing better than to be with YOU! That on one of your big hips is his favorite place in the world to find comfort and peace. Despite the irritation of wanting to be alone sometimes, I thank God for this unconditional love my children give to me. They raise my self-esteem like no one else in the world can! I think it was Archbishop Fulton Sheen who once said something to the effect that he could never understand why women would want to be one thing to everyone (via the workforce) when they could be EVERYTHING to one person... via motherhood.



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