Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bring on Winter

I love the fog. It rolls in so quietly and unexpectedly around here... blanketing the ground and water with its eerie sort of gloom. How can I love it, you wonder? Well, for one thing, I'm still recovering from our duty station in Ventura County, California... where there aren't really distinguishable seasons. So anything green and rainy and tagged with autumnal zest is welcome to me. But I love inclement weather for another reason: the sky is silent when it's foggy (we live near an air base). Why is the sky silent? Because the pilots can't see... they can't fly. And why is this a good thing, you're still wondering? Hold on there, I'm getting to the point! I love the fact that our human plans must change according to the weather. I love being reminded that we aren't in control. I love knowing that no matter how much of a hand we think we have in our destiny or even our day to day actions... something... someONE is bigger than all this. Rain, fog, sleet and snow... they are all beautiful reminders that we are just finite creations, at the total mercy of our Beloved Creator.



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