Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Refreshing Read

We just checked out Brother Juniper by Diane Gibfried at our local library. This is a pretty new book and that's why I wanted to offer a little review if you're looking for a new little something for your kiddy bookshelf. I think it's always good to have as little distinction as possible between our Faith and the day-to-day realities of childhood and that is why it's important to offer your kids solid literature that isn't afraid to tell the story of a saint for example. (Tomie DePaola has many great books to this effect.)

Anyway, Brother Juniper is the story about a generous little friar who gives away everything he can to the less fortunate. The book is even politically incorrect enough to include a couple of tastefully done nude illustrations of the brother after he gave the robe off his back!! All in all, it's a great book to add to your collection... nice and light too since some "kid's books" about saints can be very long reads. (If you see my review on ignore the statement about age levels... I must've misread the description.)

-Ellie Peck: Oak Harbor, WA


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