Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Coffeehouse: tea time

Happy first of September, folks! I can't believe how fast time is flying by... I have to admit that under certain circumstances which I won't go into, for the first time I am not very happy that it is ALREADY September. However, I am definitely ready for the cozy season of fall. We have had no rain in the NorthWest this summer and are ready for torrents of rain, wind and steaming cups of tea by the fire... So I am joyful as we approach this season, for the coming weather and for good books. -It's almost time to put the good old backpack down, take the hiking boots and swimming suits off and to get out the stacks of good books.

I would just like to share a sort of "tradition" my family had during my time being homeschooled. (Which was from age 13-18) I apoligize if I've already told a bit of this story to you readers who have been reading this site back from when we started posting... Perhaps this will be new though to our more recent visitors.

Sometime before lunch, when we had all been studying long enough to be restless and a bit hungry but not long enough to earn lunch, we would all gathe rat the dining room table for a tea-time. Usually we would also have fresh bread if it had just come out of the oven, or something else yummy, or, if it was lent, our lenten scones.

My mother would read aloud from a book we were in the middle of. Usually during this hour we'd read historical fiction: a fun, entertaining and well-written story based on a certain event, figure or time in history. The only time we got to hear the continuation of the story was during that tea time. That made us really look forward to all gathering around the table together every day, and also provided us with the opportunity to work on our listening skills while doing something else. Sometimes we would draw, sketch or paint. Other times, around the time of a relative's birthday, we would all work on a homemade birthday card for them. I used to find this time really inspiring for quick sketches/portraits of my family. Everyone was relatively still, so I had the opportunities to try to sketch my siblings or mother at the table. It was a really fruitful time during our day.

Another wonderful aspect was that, in the winter, it was something hot to drink-- really cozy and all the more delicious with the snow piled up outside. We'd make a pot of herbal tea for the younger ones and a pot of black tea for the older kids and our mother. In the warmer months we would sometimes make this our "popcorn time"-- during which we usually did nothing but eat out of our own popcorn bowls and simply listen to the story. -Our fingers were too sticky to touch any paper.

Anyhow, -this could be of inspiration to some of us for homeschooling ideas, for others as a good, wholesome family event around the table.

Happy tea-times...

~Sia in Vancouver, WA


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