Monday, September 04, 2006

Be advised

Some time ago, most of us found out that many vaccine strains were made from aborted fetus cells. While we are so far removed from the actual sin of abortion, it may still place our conscience ill at ease and that's something we can not ignore. It's true that some immunizations STILL come from aborted fetal cells. And some of these do not have alternatives available in the U.S. Here is a chart that spells it out for us and gives the name of some alternatives. In a nutshell, I think the most pertinent information for the standard vaccine-getter is to know about the Chickenpox, Hep A, Polio and MMR shots. I 'm not intending for this post to discuss feelings on immunizations in general. That is a heated topic and frankly I myself, have always been on the fence about it, and don't want to get overloaded with emotional sentiments on either end.

But I do believe in being an informed consumer. And this information is very important to me. A lot can be read on the topic at So peruse that on your own. I will say that without knowing the abortion link on the Varicella, I opted out of it with my second son because I'd rather him get it naturally... and I also opted out of Hep A because I didn't see it as necessary with our lifestyle.

Another thing to realize is that Catholics in most states can apply for religious exemptions from state-mandated vaccines in order to send their kids to schools that typically require them. More information on that can be found on the above website as well as links to Pro-Life doctors.



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