Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Victoria's Secret Sit-In

Some of you may have already heard about this. In a Victoria's Secret store, a breastfeeding mother was hassled by a clerk. Themother had been willing to go into a dressing room to nurse, but when there weren't any available at the time, sat in a chair in the open hallway area. She was then told that nursing in the open was "offensive"! The clerk opened the bathroom door for the woman. She replied, "I don't eat in the bathroom and either does my daughter." -Good answer.

It amazes me that in a store where they have many of their own adds all over the walls, showing breasts left and right, that when a woman who goes to nurse her child, using breasts FOR THEIR PURPOSE, gets hassled, and is told that it is an indecent act:

"...The leader of Saturday's demonstration in front of a Cleveland-area store said Victoria's Secret 'plasters breasts everywhere' but seems offended when they're used for their intended purpose..."

The woman went on to organize a breastfeeding sit-in demonstration in front of a store. I couldn't put the image up on our site, but click HERE to read the article and to see the photo of the demonstration.
Here are some words from the woman herself:

"I understand that some businesses might not want to open up a dressing room for a nursing mom because it's taking up spots for customers," she said. "It's about being told that it's dirty, that it needs to be in the bathroom and needs to be away in private. That's the mentality that we're trying to fight."



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