Thursday, August 10, 2006

St. Lawrence

Today is the feast day of St. Lawrence, perhaps most famous for his sense of strange humor when he was being grilled to death: "You can turn me over now, I'm done on this side." This saint put his life on the line to save the documents and material wealth of the Church at a time of intense Christian persecution. For this he is the patron of many, many causes and professions. When asked to bring the treasures of the Church to a Roman prefect, Lawrence gathered together all the poor, sick, and lame people and brought them forward saying "These are the treasure of the Church." Like him, we must be willing to lay down everything, even our lives for the Christ. Father Pablo Straub, one of my absolute favorite priests, put it best when he said last year at a conference: "Don't go looking for a fight... but NEVER back away from the Truth."


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